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A graphic design/print services company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — Design Quarry is customer-focused and produces innovative communication materials.


It's a graphic design and print services company, but should probably be called a visual communication company... creating print solutions for our customers. We solve challenging communication problems using our deep understanding of which unique combination of images, typefaces, colours, textures, composition, hierarchies, etc. will work to get their messages across. Having extraordinary communication skills is of our greatest assets. We can solve tricky communication problems and are dedicated to helping your businesses grow and flourish, while squeezing every drop of value from any given budget. Isn't that what we all want in the first place: corporate visuals that reflect our companies style and values?


Jack Born, the owner/founder of Design Quarry is a graphic designer and started this company in 1995. His high standards were developed through international design education experiences, including the completion of a five-year graphic design program the Netherlands and working at well-known studios in both Amsterdam and New York. 

From creative concept design to complete project management – Design Quarry is a full-service graphic design studio. Creators of innovative print and digital solutions that deliver impact! By carefully listening to their clients and paying close attention to detail, they are able to create extraordinary results. Before any designs are presented, principal designer Jack Born will ensure that all work meets his high standards. They take pride in doing a variety of projects, large and small, from concept design to complete project management. Their ever-growing list of clients has resulted in a diverse range of design solutions. 

Innovative communication solutions that connect. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Design Quarry is a graphic design company that produces logo, stationary, communication, identity, photography, studio, book design edmonton, collateral, communication design edmonton, designer, and tradeshow display designs for Edmonton companies. Design Quarry plays an important and influential role in the graphic design community of Edmonton. 


Samples of visual identity programs, and other digital and print materials are showcased in this website. 

Where do I find a Graphic Design and Print Company?

For more information, please view/download the PDF 
"Design Quarry: From concept design to complete project management."

Are you ready to update your image? Let’s talk. Email us at or call 780-430-9693, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Clean, modern, professional design/print services.

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