A logo is less important to your growth than having great employees, good products/services, or how well you treat your customers, but a well-crafted logo has the potential to help your customers remember all of the above. To create the image that exactly matches personality/flavour of your company, we do our best to completely understand our clients — starting each project with a client interview that includes a customizable questionnaire. This ensures that we have the correct focus before invoking the fundamentals of all great design... left-brain thinking, a pencil and lots of paper. Interpreting our client’s thoughts and converting them into effective visual solutions is what sets us apart. 


Increasing competition is a serious problem that small businesses are facing these days. By asking the right questions, Design Quarry can identify and showcase a unique set of qualities that'll help companies get noticed and attract new customers. A clean/simple/professional solution that helps each organization look credible/trustworthy to their target audience and to the world, is a true art at our company. Clean, modern and professional looking corporate identity packages. Sound good? Are you ready to update your image? Let’s talk. Email us at info@designquarry.com or call 780-430-9693, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Samples from our logo portfolio

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