A logo is less important to your growth than having great employees, good products/services, or how well you treat your customers, but a well-crafted logo will help your customers remember all of the above. Your branding is a promise to your customers. Well-defined branding plants a positive perception and trust in their minds. Your brand is what people are saying about you when you’re not there.

There are lots of reasons to invest in the design of your logo — most of all, it can help you build a deeper and trusting relationship with your customers. That trust goes a long way — it inspires consumer confidence and loyalty. Building trust through graphic design is an important business investment that’ll pay-off big time!

To create the image that exactly matches personality/flavour of your company, we do our best to completely understand our clients — starting each project with a client interview that includes a customizable questionnaire. This ensures that we have the correct focus before invoking the fundamentals of all great design... left-brain thinking, a pencil and lots of paper. Interpreting our client’s thoughts and converting them into effective visual solutions is what sets us apart. 


We created a questionnaire that helps us gather the most of the info required to calculate an estimate for the project. We also have a list of questions that help our customers better evaluate the suitability of the proposed designs that were presented to them. By asking the right questions, Design Quarry can identify and showcase a unique set of qualities that'll help companies get noticed and attract new customers. A clean/simple/professional solution that helps each organization look credible/trustworthy to their target audience and to the world, is a true art at our company.


Are you ready to update your image? Let’s talk. Email us at info@designquarry.com or call 780-430-9693, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Samples from our logo portfolio

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