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Whether you need printed materials for upcoming sales or marketing campaigns, trade shows, rebranding efforts, or mailings, Design Quarry is here to help you effectively convey your message.

By partnering with Design Quarry, you gain access to our extensive expertise in making printed materials look exceptional while optimizing cost-efficiency. Stay ahead of the competition and ensure your materials stand-out with our knowledge and resources.


Our brand at Design Quarry embodies innovation, creativity, and dedication to excellence. We strive to be recognized as a leader in the design and print industry, known for our high-quality services and customer-centric approach.

Our corporate objectives are centred around several key principles:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Our primary objective is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients by delivering exceptional design and print solutions that exceed their expectations.

  2. Innovation: We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and design trends, constantly seeking new ways to innovate and improve our services.

  3. Quality: Maintaining the highest standards of quality is paramount to us. We aim to deliver print products and design solutions that are not only visually stunning but also durable and effective in conveying our clients' messages.

  4. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. By working closely with our clients, we are better able to understand their needs and deliver customized solutions that address their unique challenges.

  5. Sustainability: We are dedicated to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes using sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and adopting eco-friendly practices wherever possible.


Overall, our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, earning their trust and loyalty through our dedication to excellence and commitment to their success.

Samples from our design + print portfolio


Employee Reliability Inventory

Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

ELLA 2018 Program Guide Cover

Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association

Office of the Fire Commissioner

2010 Alberta Fire Commissioner’s Statistical Report

Become a Sponsor Document

ABJ Robotics Team 9409 | March 2017

Forbes Bros Ltd.

Safe Work Practices Manual

Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

360 Feedback Report

Western Nurse Leaders Forum

2007 Leading the Way Conference Program

Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

Recruiting Staff | ALIS Information Supports

Accelerating Primary Care

2012 Conference Program

BUKSA Strategic Conference Services

MHRS Conference Advance Program and Registration

Alberta Capital Finance Authority

2013 Annual Report

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

2012 Annual Business Report

Office of Information and Privacy

2011-12 Annual Report

Alberta Railway Museum

Father's Day Family Event

Automobile Insurance Rate Board

2016 Annual Report

To view inside pages, please select one of the following Flip Book publications:

To see an attractive report we created for AIRB during 2019, visit:

Info Leaflets

Info Leaflet

ABJ Robotics

Info Leaflet

iMentalHealth Inc.

Info Leaflet

Reliant Residential Services



Escape Massage & Wellness


Timothy E. Perry Professional Corporation


ARC Business Solutions Inc.


HMS Electric


Strathcona Healthcare Ltd.


DMB Solutions


Flexokin Tube

Kinetana Inc.

Flexokin Box

Kinetana Inc.

Looking for clean, modern, and professional design and printing services that leave a lasting impact? We're here to inspire your audience to think, feel, and take action.

Ready to refresh your image or start a new project? Let's discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

Reach out to us at or call 780-430-9693. We can't wait to hear from you!

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