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2020 Custom Cycling Jersey

No cycling tours were held during 2020, and unfortunately, no tour jerseys were available to add to our cycling jersey collections, so we designed a custom jersey to commemorate Edmonton's unusual cycling season.

See below for more details and don't forget to let us know if you're interested in making a purchase (email:

Please remember to check below for important instructions on how to select the best possible fit for you.

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Featuring a few extras that you may not have expected.


IMPORTANT: In general, you'll find that the size categories listed on these charts are smaller/tighter than most jerseys you may have purchased in the past from other suppliers. Don't assume for example, that a LARGE from this company will fit exactly the same as a LARGE from somewhere else.


These charts are NOT based on body size, rather, they show sizes of the clothing. In other words,  the “LARGE” category of the listed jersey sizes are significantly smaller than the LARGE version of most other jerseys on the market. That’s why it’s very important to look at the actual measurements. For example, if a LARGE normally fits well, then your measurements will most likely be listed under the 2XL size. 


Lay a well-fitting jersey (that you already own) on a flat surface and compare your measurements with the ones on the chart.

If you’re finding that the width of your selected size is good, but the standard length is too short, then a couple of inches can be added for a minimal charge of $8.40.

Want to make a purchase? Send your email to, or call 780-430-9693.
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Are you looking for a sport fit? Please check the charts below to find your size.

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