2020 Custom Cycling Jersey

We recently designed a Custom Jersey to commemorate Edmonton's 2020 Cycling Season.

Considering that there were no cycling tours this year, it meant that unfortunately, there also were no 2020 jerseys available to add to our personal jersey collections. 


Rather than go without a jersey this year, Stephen Yakimets investigated custom
printing options available in Canada and asked us to help with creating a design.

See below for the jersey design we decided to get printed.


Please contact us for more info (jersey@designquarry.ca), or let us know if
you're interested in making a purchase and we'll send you payment instructions.

Cost  for the short-sleeve version: $78.75


Cost  for the long-sleeve version: $90.30


If you want one, you should hurry — order cut-off is end of day on Friday, October 2.

The more we can add to this order, the better! Please don’t hesitate to share this info with any of your contacts that you know are cycling enthusiasts.

Please remember to check the bottom of this page for an important notice about how to select the best possible fit for you.

Featuring a few extras that you may not have expected.

IMPORTANT: In general, you might notice that these standard sizes fit a little smaller/tighter than the ones you may have purchased from other suppliers. Don't just assume for example, that a LARGE from this company will fit exactly the same as a LARGE from somewhere else. To get the best possible fit for your body, you'll want to take some measurements to double-check.


These charts are NOT based on body size, rather, they show sizes of the clothing. We recommend that you measure a well-fitting jersey you already own and lay it on a flat surface, then compare your measurements with the chart.

If you’re finding that the width of your selected size looks good, but the standard length is too short, then we can add a couple of inches to it for an additional charge of $8.40.

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